Light it up

Activity is the key to abundance in life.
The more active you are the more power you have to bend the reality of the world. If you want to put a dent in the universe you have you be willing to break out of your comfort zone and get yourself out there boldly shaping your path.

You really do have to. The more active you are, the more life force you can express. The more life force you express the fastest and easier things get to you.

It’s simple. The universe wants you to express your true greatness and joy.
It will help you get everything you want to express it but in a way that it helps others as well. It seeks activity and expression.

And you can become its channel.

You may have to help others express their joy and greatness – the good feeling – and trust me, you will be supplied with everything you need to make that happen.

Get active in life. Don’t just passively stare at your life passing by.
Do the things you want to do. Take the risks you have to take.

Express your greatness.

Act. Do something, however small or insignificant.
A fifty-thousand-word novel starts with just one sentence.

Let your true natural enthusiasm flow. Seek to follow your bliss and make shit happen. Come alive with action. And make your life matter.
Create value for others. Serve others; serve the world.
Get to it, cause that is how you create wealth!

Give as much of yourself as you can.
Give off kindness, joy, love, and understanding unto others!
Give off the God-energy!

Get active.
Make something out of our time and commit to action.
Make shit happen! The Universe eagerly seeks expression through your actions.

It’s time to own it.
You are the fuel for mankind.
Burn like you can light up the entire fucking universe.