If you would see all the things you have been blessed with in life,
you wouldn’t want to ask for more.

Think about all the good books you read that made you cry.
Think about all the unconditional love you received from your parents.
Think about all the things in your life that you call your own.
Think about all the good food you’ve tasted so far.
Think about all the beautiful places you’ve seen.
Think about all the amazing experiences you’ve had.
Think about all your memories starting from your childhood days.

Oh, there lies the wealth of riches that you seek.
It is right there in your heart and soul.
The moments that truly made your life.
The times when you felt alive.
The times when you cried out of joy!

That is life.

The good things that surround you today.
The people you love. The things you like to do.
They are your treasures.
Yes, the treasures are right here – now!

This moment is all there is.
All of the Universe converges in time and space to create this moment for you.
You either enjoy it – extract the vitalizing sips of ecstasy out of it, or you simply throw it away. Think about it!

The treasures are right here.
We simply have to recognize them as they are, see them for the blessing they are to our lives, and be thankful for them from the depths of our hearts. For when we sincerely express our gratitude for the things that generously add to our lives in the now that we make way for the greater things in life – the distinctive favors, and the unexpected gains.

The riches are not out there. They’re in here.
In your heart. In your mind and soul.
You are already full, you are endowed with the lavish and the overflowing.
You are gifted with boundless love and imagination.
See that abundance in your being and live out your life from that.

If you would see all the things you have been blessed with in life,
you wouldn’t ask for more.

All the treasures you seek lie right there within you.