Clear Mental Picture

The images you place in your mind is what manifests.
The more images of health, happiness, joy, and abundance you place in your mind the more happiness, health, and abundance you will attract into your life.

It’s what’s going on in your mind that brings about the experiences in your reality. If you are in tune with the visions of health and prosperity in your mind, you cannot help but notice them everywhere – more importantly in your own life.

Dwell in your visions. See the perfect life you want to live.
Make believe, and live it in the present.

Do you even know what your perfect life looks like?
Do you have a clear mental picture of the things you’d like to do, have, and be?

If not, then this is the time to do it.
Not tomorrow, not next week.
Not even later this day, but now!

The images you hold in your mind is exactly what you will attract in your experience.
The more you are able to saturate your subconscious mind with the mental pictures of your perfect life, staying in perfect harmony with your visions and expressing your appreciation and sincere gratitude for them, the more you will be able to unconsciously perform your everyday actions directed towards your dreams but guided by the subconscious.

Newspaper and magazine clippings, remember those?
Posters of fancy cars in your room?

Have a clear mental picture of what you’d like to do, have, and be!
And then dwell upon it as often as possible. Lose yourself in the vision of your perfect life with childlike eagerness and wonder. Live the vision in mind, body, and spirit.

Then behold the wondrous grace of the Universe.

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