Let’s Play

God has not forsaken us in the wild. God has not left us alone. He is watching us and nudging us to grow. He has made life fun and our playground beautiful.


He wants us to grow, mature, and realise that we inherit the same powers that He has. That we are limitless beings.


He is there at all times to take you out of danger. And He comes, always. He cannot forsake you. He loves you too much to see you get hurt.


Yet he must set tests and place obstacles ahead of you so that you can grow strong so that you can stand for yourself and not cry at the first instance of adversity. He wants you to know that you command the circumstances, that you are the maker of your worlds.


He wants you to realise that you are a part of Him. That you are powerful beyond measure. That you are, indeed, limitless.


Why are you afraid?
This is your playground.
Go catch the butterflies.
Go play in the dirt.
Go out and build things and share them with your friends in the playground.


Why do you judge?
Oh wait, you cannot ever do it right.
So be accepting. Be free. Wait until you realise we are all One.


Let’s play!