Your time is precious

There is only a select number of things you can do in a day.
Then why would you waste your days doing things that you don’t want to?

Is it because you don’t see a way around or an alternative?
Or is it because you don’t try?

If you are dreaming big dreams.
The only indulgences you can allow yourself is the vision of your dream coming true.
All else is commitment and persistence.

Your time is precious. Use it for your own good.
Do the things that truly matter. Because the true joy comes from the hard work, as you lay one brick over the other and move another step closer to your dreams.

Don’t let them fool you. Don’t let them label you.
You are an unlimited being with limitless possibilities.

You have TOTAL control over your life.
Yes, I know you might have responsibilities and commitments to others, but your own life is completely under your control. Stop letting fear drive your decisions. And allow love to direct you.

Life is short.
The things you want to do, the things that truly call out to you, the things that make you come alive, must not be left at the mercy of some day.

Fire up your engines and get busy making life today.
Live the dreams and do what needs to be done now!
Oh, you’ll have plenty of time to squander away when you are dead.

Stop living the life of the script – allowing things to happen to you – doing only the things that you think you are supposed to be doing; never questioning why or asking whether it is necessary at all.

It’s your life. You make the calls.
No no no, don’t let life happen to you. You happen to Life.