Nuggets: Your thoughts are endless

Your thought vibrations are without end. They do not fizzle out or die.
Every thought you release travels through the infinite universe endlessly.
Influencing, molding and denting the unseen as it goes.

This is how your thoughts are able to align the stars.
The more emotionally charged your thoughts are, the more powerful their effect.
The stronger and deeper your emotions, the greater is your influence on the universe.

Nurture empathy. Practice kindness, generosity.
They help you feel deeply.
They help you dive to the depths of your highest emotions.

Your deep emotions combined with your grandest thoughts travel in ripples to the far reaches of the universe altering circumstances and aligning opportunities bringing into your experience precisely what you had thought of, felt, or expressed.

Isn’t that amazing?

Your thoughts are able you align the stars for you.
What would you rather think about?