Nullius in Verba

This world as you see it is not real.
The laws that we’ve agreed upon, the green paper we’ve agreed to consider to be of some value, the boundaries that nations have agreed upon to be their borders, the social structure that we have agreed upon to be just and right, are in fact all made up.

In other words, they are not real. They are just things agreed upon by two parties, often leaders or nations, and passed on down the line.

In truth, there are no real borders, no real law, no real money – they are only agreed upon to exist! Of course, they seem to be necessary for the society to function without conflict but you must understand that every aspect of the society that we live in, every fact about the “real” world is actually made up. It is like a beautiful drama that we are living out!

Therefore, you do not necessarily have to live by the expectations of the society. You are not obliged to society for anything, even if you choose not to have a stable job or a traditional career path, that’s totally okay!  If you want to become a soda bottle collector and you want to make that your life, do not worry about the judgement of society! You have the right to become whatever you choose to regardless of the labels given to you by others. Cause the society and every construct in it is itself not real.

Are you afraid of being judged?
By who?

The practical thing to do may not always be the right thing to do.

Just follow your heart. Let it guide you.
Do not be overwhelmed if you have to go against the norm.
Just remember,  you are right if you know it in your heart.

Don’t be afraid to be a non-conformist.
In fact, be proud to be one.

Don’t just blindly follow.
Question everything. It’s all made up.

Nullius in Verba!