Life is not only about what you get.
Life is also about what you can give.

If you want fulfillment it won’t come from getting the shiny things into your life but from giving off of yourself that which you already possess in abundance. I am not talking about money.

As Jonathan Fields had put it:
Give hope to the hopeless.
Give voice to the voiceless.
Give power to the powerless.
Give a path to the pathless, possibility to the pent-up and pained, validation to the misfits, and community and belonging to the left-out.

There is so much you can give off of yourself.
So much you can do with what you already possess.
The world lies in hurt and pain – and that is where you can give off yourself to help others, and express your greatness.

Be the shining light for the others.
Let others draw the inspiration from you.
Give them hope, show them the possibilities.
Amaze them by being the happiest, brightest, awesomest you that you can possibly be.

Let the love for your life expand onto others so that you touch them deeply.
Be known as the person who makes things happen.
Be known as the person who lives life to the full.

It’s time to own it.
It’s time to express your greatness.
The world is ready for you.

And if you think otherwise, let me ask you this question.
If not now, then when?

Give the entirety of you.
Touch as many as you can and they will gladly follow you to the light.

All your poems that were never published,
all your sketches that were never shared,
all your dreams and visions that were never acted upon,
has already robbed this world of a significant part of the treasure within you.

What if Isaac Newton had not published his book on the laws of motion?
We would have been robbed of the very many bounties we enjoy today.

Give off of yourself. Don’t let your greatness die.
Give the entirety of you to the world.
You may not make a difference to everyone, but you will surely touch the ones who are in pain and seeking.

hope to the hopeless,
voice to the voiceless,
power to the powerless,
love to the loveless.

The world, the universe, is ready for you!