Choose well

Failure is not a single event on the horizon.
Failure, if it is truly so, takes place over a long period of time.

One single event is never the cause of failure.
It is the cause of a thousand failures in thought and action much earlier to the event.

Accept it.
Accept that you and only you are responsible for your state.
Here and now take complete responsibility of the state of your life.

Your own thoughts and actions (or inactions) have brought you where you are.
There is no one else to blame.

Accept it.
Do you?

Now fear not.

We are but human beings.
We can make a hell lot of mistakes.
Yet the most important thing is – we can learn from our own mistakes and use it to our advantage.

Don’t shoot yourself down because you failed to deliver.
Rise up and come off better than you have ever been.

Make right the things you know you should.
Train harder. Choose better. Focus on your dream like your life depends on it!

Remember, life sets the challenges for you to prepare you for what you ask for.
It only needs to know you are ready!

Look closely at your daily actions. Do they reflect your goals?
Look closely at your intimate thoughts. Do they speak of your dreams?

They are often the hidden causes of failure.

So make better decisions. Build better habits.
Think higher thoughts. And let your life be an example unto others.

Accomplish success in the little things.
And all the greater things will follow.


Success starts now.
In every thought that you think.
In every decision that you make.
In every action that you take.

Choose well.
For failureĀ is never a single event on the horizon.
It roots from a thousand failures in thought and action much earlier to the event.