Living in the magic of life

Joy and love are the easiest ways to bring in miracles into your life.
Like hot chocolate melting in your heart.
Like a bubbling rush of delight.

Imagine living your days in that state of loving joyfulness.
What could you not manifest?

You’ll open up the vortexes of creation and create an amazing life for yourself.
You’ll have the joy in full and so, touch everyone you meet with love.
You’ll have a smile on your face and bubbling joy in your heart.

Ever felt that deep state of joy and love.
While you’re listening to your favorite music.
While you’re watching the stars under the clear sky.
While you’re dancing without care.

That state of ecstasy is what creates miracles in our lives.
You not only remake your own but you also touch the lives of everyone around you.

Therefore, do what you can to express joy every day.
In fact, do what you can to hold that state of joy in every moment of your day.
You can do your work and still dwell upon your perfect joy regardless of external influences. Don’t worry about that.

Remember the first time you fell in love?

The grass looked greener everywhere.
The clouds were bigger, and the skies bluer.
Everything was great and life couldn’t be any happier.

Find your source of bliss.

Do the things that truly bring you joy!
Then live your joy through your days, through your life.

Do it. Do whatever it takes to live in that state.
I know it might feel like a lot of effort but holding on to one’s joy is an art which only gets better with practice. Start now, you’ll only get good with time. Think, act, talk, and live like you have your favorite music playing in the background at every instant.

You get what I mean?

Live your days in that state.
Express the unbounded loving joyfulness you hold.

Then what could you not manifest?