Live your joy

Are you tired of all this?

Don’t lose hope.
Everything happens for a reason.

There are no accidents.
There are no coincidences.
You are here for a reason.
There is a grand purpose for all of this.
One day all of this will make sense. Just hang on.

Live your present as it is.
This perfect moment.

The past and the future matter much less than the present.
Don’t squander it away.

Allow your thoughts to settle so you can focus on the grandeurs this moment has to offer. Remember, your thoughts are under your control in the absolute. Set the negatives free and let the positives to flourish.

Every negative thought roots from fear.
Every positive thought roots from love.

Practice love in every moment of your life and you’ll always find contentment in your life, even in challenging times.

We have so much. We are given so much. We are blessed indeed. Yet we worry about the petty things and bring upon despair into our lives.

Count the blessings you have. Give them their due thanks every day. Be sincerely thankful for them as often as you can. And I can assure you that your petty worries and fears wouldn’t stand a chance.

Be thankful. For the seed of contentment and a happy life is in sincere gratitude.

Your life is a gift.
It is an amazing trip.
It is a wonderful experience.
Don’t let it go to waste.

Live this perfect moment.
Live your life!

There is nothing you have to do in life.
You are not bound by anything.
You are not morally tied to responsibilities as you have been taught.
You are a free spirit and anything you do is fine.

Listen to your heart.
It knows the truth.
It is giving you the signs every day.
Are you listening?

Live your joy!
And others will follow.