Become love

Fear is just the absence of love.
If you are afraid it only means that love is inexistent in your heart at the moment.
It means that somehow you have allowed fear take it over, if only for a while.

Remember, you have the choice to conquer your fears every day.
You have the choice to overcome your fears and practice love instead.
Choose love and you will choose life – and all the good things that make it.

Love is not something you expect from the outside.
Love is something you give from the inside.
Love is something you become.

Don’t worry if others see you as weak.
You are in fact the strongest of them all.
Like the shapeless formless water which seems to be weak but is one of the strongest forces on earth.

Become love.
Let love flow through you.
Let it fill you with hope and joy, so that you overflow unto others.
There is always more than enough love that you can give.

Yet once in a while life will pull you to the ground.
It will mess you up bad and throw you off your track.
And it will be your greatest test.

It will be the point when life checks your stand, whether you stay true to yourself.
Whether you love yourself enough to keep going with faith.
Or whether you give in to fear.

It is the stage where you put faith in yourself even if all others have given up on you.
It is the stage where you assert your worth and you keep believing.
It is the stage where you show how much you love your own self to not be deterred by life’s bends.

Choose love in every moment.
You have the choice.

Live your life in love, so all your thoughts and actions can root from it.
Practice love in every thought and action, so your destiny can root from it.

Become love.