Feeling creates being

You can create your circumstances by the way you feel, the strong emotions that you release. By being in your mind and seeing it come alive in reality!
In the spiritual realm, everything is possible.

You have to see your idea in the full mentally and feel the feelings of actually experiencing the reality. Only then will the subconscious be convinced. Your subconscious mind is in direct communion with the All Mind, that traverses all dimensions and realms.

That which you create in your mind, give it feeling, and imagine in being, is created in the spirit realm instantly. All you have to do is sell the idea of your perfect life to your subconscious mind and make it believe in its truth by giving thanks continuously & by feeling the joys in the now.

Feel the feelings of gratitude and joy even before you receive it in reality,
and then see the wonders happen!

See the image in your mind.
Feel the feelings of joy and gratitude for the things you see.
Act and be as if you already have the life you want to live, and you surely shall.

It is the feeling that creates the being.
It is the feeling rich, that creates the wealth.
It is the feeling famous, that creates the fame
It is the feeling healthy, that creates the health.
It is the feeling at peace, that creates the bliss.

You ought to guard your thoughts with all your life.
Rather, you ought to guard your feelings with all your life.

Because what you feel is brought to feel.
The more real you can make your vision then, and the deeper feeling you can give to it, the easier will it be for you to call it forth into reality.

Mind, what images you put in your mind.
Mind, the feelings you associate with them.

¬†Because “seeing” creates “feeling”, and “feeling” creates “being”.