Build it in your mind

Create your joy from within, and all of the joys in life shall come upon you.
It’s about being conscious of a state where there is overflowing joy, happiness, and abundance, in your life. It’s about feeling joyful and rich, it’s feeling high, happy, wealthy and full of life that true bounty manifests in life.

Create the vision of your perfect life within, and your reality too shall follow.
Life is all about creation. What you create in your mind, what you become aware of in your consciousness and give life to (with your deep emotions) takes shape in the world.

So define a clear mental picture of the life you want.
See the vision as clearly and as often as possible. The more impressions you put upon your mind of this clear picture of your perfect life, the more effectively your actions will align themselves to this vision.

Live and breathe the idea of your perfect life.
See the things you want in great detail, enjoy them in the mind.
Hey, if you cannot have them now at least you can escape your seemingly stupid reality by imagining them in your mind. It doesn’t cost you a cent.

That’s what dreamers do. They dream about it with sincere intention as long as it takes.
They live their dreams in the mind. And it is because of their sincerity that it hardly takes any time.

Want it now? Build it in your mind.
And you’ll see you already have what it takes to go to the next level, to do what you wish done. To live your dreams as one. All you need is a little courage to show up when opportunity calls.

But rest assured if you build it in your mind and you feel it in your heart,
it will come alive, it will happen, and surely so, often in ways you could have never imagined. There is indeed magic in the air and miracles in every thought.

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