Everything is taken care of

The more you dwell on the things that have gone wrong in your life, the more you allow them to you feed on your joy. Instead, focus on the things you truly want from life and give them all your thought, energy, and emotions. And trust they are taken care of.

You must trust.
There is a power out there which opens doors for all. This power comes out to serve every time it is called forth. And people of all ages over the centuries have recognized this power.

You must have faith.
You must trust.

Your life is taken care of. All the things you wish for are on their way. Trust it is so. And so will it be. You must believe it in mind and body, and show faith. And in showing your faith, celebrate this moment, and celebrate this day, knowing that everything is taken care of.

The problem is that people have lost faith. They worry more and plan, and scheme, thinking how they can get their way. They try to push and pull, and put in a lot of effort, and struggle through. But the truth of life is simple, it is effortless, it is a joyous adventure.

Yet, men would rather struggle through the practical ways of the world without waiting for their inner voice to guide them through life. They would rather follow the herd, do what is safe, do what is normal, do what they are told they should do, without ever questioning why.

But here I tell you, everything is taken care of.
You must trust it. Everything that you’ve ever wanted is on its way.
Just believe it so and so it shall be.
Give the vision of your perfect life all your focus and attention.
Just trust. And in doing so, celebrate this moment, and celebrate this day!

It is because you worry about the future that you waste your present.
And in the act of worrying, you lose your power to create something beautiful in the now. Your life is not worth even a single thought of gloom or worry.

As we grow up, we are fed by our parents, friends (and their parents!), and the society at large, of the ways of the world. And since we are then young, we do not even question it, and we create our circumstances based on those beliefs. They teach us this stuff so that we can survive in the real world. And they do it because they want the best for us. But unfortunately they’ve also been sold the same story when they were young, so it’s not even their fault. They tell you how you must do this to get that, how you must acquire this and that to be considered successful – that you are not enough or worthy in the eyes of society otherwise. They try to push you to do the things that they think will be the best for you, and you buy into their judgment and do what is safe.

But if you’d only take some time to listen to your inner voice, if you’d only take heed to what is says, you can count on being shown the path to your purpose.

Heed what the voice says.

You’d be shown ways you could never have imagined, and given the courage to pursue it. You’d be supplied with the knowledge, and given the resources which you’d need.

You’d live a life of wonder and well-being knowing that all the answers are there within.
You’d know that nothing is impossible for those who seek, and all one must do is listen to whispers from the voice within.

It is effortless, indeed.

Men need not struggle through life trying to get their way.
The truth of life is simple and effortless, a joyous adventure.

True fulfillment can only come from within. And it is readily available to you right now. There is nothing you must do, or have, or be, to accept that you are worthy. Yet if you must have or be something, trust that what you want is on its way, and spend not one thought in worry.

Your life is taken care of. Believe it in mind and body, show faith.
And in showing your faith, celebrate this moment, and celebrate this day, knowing that everything is taken care of, everything is on its way.

Trust it is so. And so will it be.

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