If you believe so

All your dreams will come true.
All of them.

If you believe so.

Every time you express love for your dream, every moment you spend in joyful wonder as you live out your dream in the now, you are creating a new thread of possibility in your reality which will guide to your goal.

The playful, joyful, happy heart is that which will bring the vision of your perfect life into life. You are a channel of the universe and that which you truly feel on the inside is what manifests on the outside. If you find joy, calm, and playfulness on the inside your reality will likewise reflect the same joyfulness and calm. The Universe seeks to experience the joy and wonder through you. It is ever eager to grant you all the resources you might need to experience life in its fullness. But you must be willing to do the things that bring you joy, that is what fulfills the Universe.

So many of us choose fear instead of love and joy. So many of us choose fear often disguised as practicality. And we lose track of the flow of the Universe. We let go off the natural joyfulness of our lives and take on the shoulds and the musts of the world. We reason, that it is indeed what’s practical, it is what everyone does. That it is how the world works.

Yet I tell you now, choose joy – no matter what.

Don’t take life so seriously. Stop pushing against things and trying to force circumstances. Life is a wonderful flow. It is an effortless dance. Enjoy it, live it.

Yes, I know you want a lot of things from life, so I do, and so here I tell you that you need not push against life to get your way. Life will bring you what is your own if you’ll allow it.

Love your dreams so much that you may live them in the now, see the house of your dreams, live in it, watch the wide orchards and gardens from your balcony, imagine the car, the business, the people in your life. See it now, feel it, live it, and immerse yourself in love as you do so.

The dreams which you can believe in with childlike faith are the ones which are indeed going to come alive. Because you believe so.

It is simple.
It is effortless. It only asks for the sparkle in your eyes and the joy in your heart.
And all you can ask for is yours. If you believe so.