Celebrate life

You are lucky indeed.
Lucky to be alive.
Lucky to be breathing and well.
Lucky that you have a warm bed to sleep on.
Lucky that you do have a home, and that you are not sleeping under a bridge somewhere.

Many are not as fortunate as you are.
The things that you take for granted someone out there is praying for.

You are lucky that you can see.
Lucky that you can walk, run, and dance.
Lucky that you can hear and speak.

Many are not as fortunate.
So take a moment to give thanks, today.
Take a moment to see all that you are blessed with already.

The things which make you anxious, which make you feel fearful, which make you lose your calm – don’t matter in the grand scale of things. They don’t.
The fact that you are alive and well is reason enough to harbor joy and celebrate.

Even the greatest storms in your life, the gravest uncertainties of your reality, cannot take away that joy from you. Celebrate this day that you are alive, that you can enjoy the gift of life. Do as you please, there is nothing you have to do.

Give thanks ceaselessly. Things really could be much worse.
See the things you are already blessed with even though it may not much.
It is in the appreciation of the little things that the big things come.

The tomorrows will come in their due time. And they will bring their own gifts. But lose not this day in anxiety, when you can give thanks for all the great things you already possess. Appreciate the good things in the now and new doors shall be opened unto you.

You are lucky indeed.
Lucky to be alive.
Lucky to be breathing and well.

Nothing else matters. Life is reason enough to take joy and celebrate.
Do as you please, celebrate life.