The Spirit Manifesto

In the end, we are just collections of atoms and molecules held together by an invisible force. Where the minute mass of every constituent subatomic particle represents a clump of energy vibrating at a set frequency.

We are masses of vibrations. So is everything else in the universe.
Thus, I can change my vibration in this moment and influence the universe around me.
So to say, I direct everything that happens around me, for like attracts like.

The source of all the seemingly horrible things happening outside is only there because of what’s going on inside of me, because of my faulty judgment of it. It is there because I am conscious of it in the spirit, in my inner world.

But I have absolute control over what I become aware of.
That’s the great thing about it. That is the greatest gift.

For when I change my vibration in this moment, I recreate the universe around me.

They say, when I pray for something, when I truly dwell on it with my mind, body, and spirit, I create that circumstance in the spirit realm at that instant.

For God’s grace is immediate.

Then if I let go of resistance and doubt, if I let go of the feelings of unworthiness and inferiority and embrace faith, if I focus on the brightest spots of my consciousness, I will set open in its fullness the stream of well-being running through me and I may create, at will, anything I can ask for – and it shall come to life for sure.

//I must take my hands off it and allow the Universe to bring it pass in the physical without worrying about the hows. I must not try to force conditions into being. It is done unto me. I remember how God’s grace is immediate. I accept that My house is run by the Lord. He and only He sustains me, in glorious abundance.//

The spaces in, through, and between the forms of the visible universe are permeated and filled with the Original Substance, the Formless Stuff, the raw material of all things.

There is no limit to the supply of the Formless Stuff or Original Substance. New forms are constantly being made as the unused ones are dissolved. The Formless Stuff is alive and is always impelled toward more life.


Everything is made of concentrations of energy, the Base stuff.

If a man can communicate his thoughts to original thinking substance, coupled with his emotions of joyfulness and gratitude, he can cause the creation or formation of the things he thinks about.

To think TRUTH, regardless of appearances.
Because man can so impress his thoughts upon the Formless Substance, as to cause them to take form and become visible things.

When we realize this, we lose all doubt and fear, for we know that we can create what we want to create; we can get what we want to have, and can become what we want to be.

Concentrate on the ideals which you desire to see manifested in your life. Live it every day in mind, body and spirit regardless of appearances; and knowing in full faith, that it is on its way!

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