Having a bad day?

No one outside of yourself can control you. Unless you give your thoughts, emotions, and energy to them by dwelling upon discordant circumstances.

Your negative feelings will do you no harm. Don’t worry about it. Isolated events of rage will not attract discordant conditions immediately. It takes time and consistency to bring it to pass. And that is really a good thing.

Stay calm.
Stay unmoved and perfectly content.

Then allow yourself to dwell in the image of your glorious and perfect life, and have faith that it is so.

All of us go through bad days, sometimes repeatedly, and that’s okay. Don’t beat yourself up for not keeping to your best. Please allow yourself to let go.

The important thing is that you keep trying.
Keep trying to direct your thoughts to the vision of your glorious and perfect life.

So what if you had a bad day, remember that you are still in control. Isolated events of rage, anger, and frustration, can do you no harm if you choose to embrace calm and allow yourself to heal.

No one outside of yourself can control you.
You are protected by Him. Surrender in faith, not to anyone else but to the Lord who dwells in you.

And do great wonders.