The day will come

And the day will come.
When you will realise that all your dreams have come true.
Everything you had asked for is right here and now, that you are living it.

Everything unimaginable unrealistic goal you had set has been accomplished. Everything you could ask for has been delivered with astonishing precision.

All that – freely given unto you. All that, and every other thing you could possibly want.
You will be so full and content, so happy and at peace, so in calm with the knowing that it has always been yours, is yours, and will always be yours that you would not ask for any other thing. You will already be fulfilled.

Instead, you will kneel to the ground, tears in your eyes – and you will thank the great universal power out there, for all that you have received. You would be so overflowing with joy and abundance that you wouldn’t feel the need for any other thing – ever. No money, no fame, nothing external will you need to fulfil you. You will know. You will know you are there.

You will feel the power of you.
You will know it is yours. You will be fulfilled, you will be nourished and with the all-knowing bliss and eternal joy.

And you will kneel, and you will ask instead how you can be of service.

Like a child when he grows up to earn for himself that he is capable of taking care of his parents, that he is able to buy a home for his parents, and do great things. You will find your greatest joy in serving your heavenly Father, the All Power, the provider for all.

Your highest joy will be in service.
Not in getting things for yourself, but in service.

And as you ask with bubbling tears of joy, your heart overflowing with awe and wonder,
as you ask how you may be of service..
He will come to you and whisper,

Now go out and share your truth, so that all may live from the joy.

And you’d oblige.