The Lone Nut

It starts with you.

No one is going to believe in you if you do not believe in yourself.
No one is going to follow you if you are not going to back yourself.

All throughout history, it is the crazy ones who have forwarded the grandest ideas, taken the greatest leaps. They were laughed at, yes, but they took themselves seriously. They backed what they believed in. They trusted themselves when odds were against them and made miracles happen.

You are the one.
And it starts with you.

Be so good, so good, that they can’t ignore you.
No no, you are not one of them ordinary.
You are here for greatness.

Regardless of what happens in the world outside, you have to be a winner in your mind. You have to be a winner in your heart. You have to be a winner in your spirit.

Let this thought seep through.
Get ready to take yourself seriously, your goals, your plans, your ideas seriously.

Be bold. Show them who you are.
Little by little. Day by day.

And when you move with force. So much so that you seem unstoppable, you no longer care who follows you. You are too concerned living the chase and almost tasting greatness, for you know you will do it. There is no doubt in your mind. Not anymore.

And this is when you will attract following – the people who’d want to be a part of you, the people who’d want a taste of higher life will come to you. They’d want to touch you and you will raise them even if momentarily to a higher state of being.

For they now know, what you’d always knew, that you’d make it!

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