Help the others

There is no limit to what God will do for you if you use what He has given you to help others. Help the others.

True fulfilment, the lasting pure joy which makes one whole, comes only from being of service to others. When one willingly gives of himself without expectations, that is when bliss takes root in his life.

Help the others.
So many of them are lost, are seeking direction, are looking for hope.
So many of them are crying in pain, are on the edge of losing faith.
So many of them are hurting.

Help them.
Do what you can.
Use what you have, and somehow just be of service.

It is never us versus them. We win when we all win.
Look out for the ones in need.
Don’t worry about how you will find them.
Be prepared for they will find you.

You are the source of all abundance.
Yes, you! You are the source of all abundance.
You are – whether or not you feel like it.

And so is everyone else.
They just don’t know it yet.

Your job is to make them become aware of this power.
That’s all.

Your job is to show them the open seas. And that will be just enough to inspire them to build their own ships and set their sails.

Help them find joy.
Help them overcome their fears.
Help them be bold and unafraid.
Help them find tranquillity.

The world thirsts for your joy, wisdom, and love.
Do what you can and be of service. The Universe will support you.
It wants you to have an abundance so that you can be a blessing to those around you.

It’s time to do your part.
To live full and inspire the others to find themselves.
To show them the open seas and help them set their sails.

That’s all.