Choose yourself

When will my life take off?
When I finally accept that it already did! When I choose it to.

Look at your life right now.
Never before in the history of known human civilisation has there been so much individual freedom. Never before has there so many opportunities opened up for the layman. Never before has there been so much advancement in technology.

If you are spending your life worrying, doubting, and trying to fit in instead of following your joy you are wasting your life. It is such a wonderful gift. Do you not see it?

Follow your joy? But how often do we?

We are afraid of everything. We are afraid of failure, judgement, embarrassment; we are so afraid that we don’t even try! And when we do try we inevitably treat ourselves like losers if we fail or if things don’t go as planned.

I wish our culture, our society had a way to reward and celebrate failure.
It doesn’t matter in what field it may be. People fail in business, relationships, health, and series of other things – but that shouldn’t be a defining factor of someone’s self-worth.

Each one of us carries a gift. Every single person here on earth is endowed with a unique gift. Something so unique and rare that given a chance the whole world would support it and crave for it.

If you compare a fish’s ability to climb trees, then you are looking in the wrong direction.

So here I urge you to find yourself.
To count all the ways in which you are unique.
To look at all the things you are good at,
things that you can do for hours at end, things that bring you joy.
To boldly accept them as worthy pursuits and to live your life doing them.

And when you are ready, share them with the world.
Fill your work with so much joy and love, that any number of stones thrown at you don’t matter. The thing that is holding you back is the fear. Admit it.

Choose yourself.
Choose when your life takes off!

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