The Power Within

There is a power within you.
The life of life. That which sustains you, that which directs you.

This force is at your service.
It is always under your control.
And yet you are not even aware of it.

This power seeks to express itself through you.
It wants to breathe the fresh air. It wants to swim the great lakes. It wants to climb the high mountains and see the great wonders. It wants to wear fine clothes and eat good food. It wants to experience all of it.

It wants to express itself fearlessly.
This force within you urges you to take the big risks, it urges you to go beyond your comfort zone, it urges you to try new things, it urges you to be a greater you.

The life of life – this limitless source of power sleeps within you waiting to be awakened so that it may do the miracles with and through you. It only awaits your command.

Life is like an unfoldment of your inner being.
What you believe in your heart of hearts is exactly what is going to come about in your life. Imagine the grandest vision of your perfect life, live it in you being, and it will come into truth, inevitably.

Listen to your heart. Listen to the voice within.
Pay heed to your intuitions, trust your gut.
This power within you will guide you to your greatest life.
There is a power within you.
The life of life. That which is all.

There is nothing to be afraid of.
There is nothing to fear.

Embrace your inner joy.
Shine your light and show the way to others.
The roaring fire within you is all they need to ignite their own.
Express yourself as you are.
Become a channel for the Universe.
Oh, and the wonders It would do through you.