Everything is energy

Everything is energy.
Everything you see around you is energy.

We need to remind ourselves of this fact.
All the seemingly solid things that we see in our physical reality are but arrangements of atoms held together in space. And if you look even further these extremely tiny masses of atoms are only clumps of energy vibrating at a very high frequency.

From Wiley’s String Theory for Dummies >

Until Einstein, the concepts of mass and energy were viewed as completely separate. He proved that the principles of conservation of mass and conservation of energy are part of the same larger, unified principle, conservation of mass-energy. Matter can be turned into energy and energy can be turned into matter because a fundamental connection exists between the two types of substance.

(see on dummies.com)

And how often do we wonder about this fact?
All the things we see are just clumps of energy held together by a mysterious force of attraction. All the minute vibrating particles that make our being, is all energy.

Don’t fool yourself into thinking the world is rock solid. At the quantum level, it is mostly empty space, with clumps of energy making up the smaller constituents of an atom.

This energy field is all around us, with and through us. When we put our mind into focusing on something we want, we release thought vibrations or thought waves upon this sensitive field of energy around us. And when we bring our feelings into the picture we really begin to mold and shape this energy field.

You have the power to control your emotions. You have the power to direct your thoughts to things, circumstances, and ideals, at will – and express feelings/emotions conducive to the grandest vision of your life. In essence, you have the power to shape and mold the energy field around you.

Let that thought sink in.

You are gifted with this enormous power.
We all are. The power to shape and mold the (life-giving) energy field around us!

And it’s high time now to become acquainted with this great power and consciously use it to create worlds and realities of great wonder.

It’s time to craft your own reality.
Are you ready?