In the Quiet Recesses

It is in the quiet recesses of the day that you are to repeat your vision – the vision of your perfect life. It is at the times when you are waiting at the coffee machine, when you are looking out the window, when you are in the elevator, that you re-live of your vision and bask in its glory.

This is very important. The clear picture in your mind of the things you want plays a big role in manifestation. What you actively visualize, what you consistently impress upon your mind, is exactly what shows up in your life.

The more you impress your mind with the vision of your perfect life, the more aware you become of the ideas and opportunities in your reality that will lead you to your destination.

In other words, the more you think about the vision of your perfect life, the more inspired action you are likely to take, and the faster you will get to your goals.

You manifest what you dwell upon. You manifest that which you feel in your heart and soul is going to grant you larger life. You manifest that which you believe in. Whatever you are dreaming about, think of it often, really dwell upon it. Live in the new house, wear the fine clothes, and drive the finest cars. Impress your mind with the idea that you are living the life of your dreams in the moment. Do this as often as you can. Playfully and with childlike faith pretend it is true.

When you do this mental imaging of your dreams you will get quick ideas of an action to take – you might want to write something on a to-do list or think of texting someone who might be able to help you. It is in these small bits of action on your part that cause the Universe to move on your behalf. And as often, one action will lead to another and you will open doorways for yourself which will take you to your dreams.

Think of your dreams as much as you can. Breathe life into them with your creative imagination. Dwell on them with childlike abandon – and when you notice your lips curve into a smile, when you sense the feeling of goodness within you, allow it to flow through you. And you will be instinctively led to action. In essence, the path will find you.

Release the doubts and fear, and let go of the hows.
Dwell upon your the vision of your perfect life with such sincerity that the Universe is impelled to direct you.

Allow your vision to drive your action.

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