Who am I?

When will this end?


When do I stop chasing more?



This is a never-ending journey of growth.
And you yourself have chosen your level.

When will I find peace?

When you are able to let go.

Let go of what?

Of yourself – of the idea that you as a separate self exist.


You are not ready for this.

So what again do I let go of?

To understand the answer you must mature.
You must open new ways of thinking.

Okay, okay, when will I find peace? Please tell me. Please.

Peace is not something you find. You are peace.
You just have to step out of your sense of self and step into the sense of peace.

I am peace?

You are everything. The light and the shade. The fire and the ice.
The strong and the weak. And also nothing.

I am everything?

Everything and nothing at the same time. You are all possibilities.

So you mean I can become anything and everything I want?

You are it already.

Am I a firefighter?

I is everything.

No no no, answer me. Am I a firefighter?

Yes, you are.

Why, I don’t even have a job at the fire station?

The I doesn’t need a job. The I is all. In all and through all.
It is the fire and the water. It is you and it is me.

What are you even talking about?

Well, as I said, you might not be quite ready yet.

Come on. Okay, so I am everything? Then why do I feel so much pain?

Because you choose to.

I choose to have pain in my life?


I think I am wasting my time here. Oh God! Just help me and release me from my pain.

The only way is through.
But trust me, you yourself have chosen this.

I don’t believe this.
I thought life was supposed to be fun.

Is it not?

Hell no! It is one problem after another. One heartbreak after another.
I don’t see a point to all this.

You are not here for yourself.

What? Then what am I here for?

You are here for the others.

You want joy, you want happiness, you want meaning in life?

Yes, yes I do. Help me.

Serve the others.

And then what about my own needs?

It is by letting go of your self that you are able to find peace.
That is what I have been trying to make you understand for so long.

And don’t worry, there is no limit to what God will do for you if you use what he has given you to help others. You will never find a lack of resources, nor will you want for anything else. Everything will come to you in season and you will have more than you could ask for.

Do this, give all of you, and you will know how much you have, you will know who you are.