Abundance Mindset

If you are asking for money from a lack mindset, then doing things that you think will bring in the money, even though you may hate it, will never make you feel abundant even if you get boatloads of money. You might feel miserable the more money you have – constantly fearing you’d lose it.

Therefore, focus on the or the feeling of abundance in the now.

If it is difficult for you to stop asking for money – to let go of feelings of need and want, then it is wise to totally forget about the money and use your energy and focus on something else – like a separate project which you’ve always wanted to do that only requires your physical or mental labor (like gardening, starting a book club, or any project/hobby that makes you happy) and of which you do not expect profits or extravagant rewards. Give more of yourself through this project. Indulge in the joy of giving. In time, you will notice that you have more to give.

And when that happens you will begin to develop the sense of abundance in your life. And as you hold on to this feeling and doing and being of abundance. Abundance will manifest in your life.

And that is what you call true wealth. You will be content. Not a speck of fear will torment you. You will be prosperous. And more importantly, you will know the path to effortless wealth creation.

Give. Dwell in on the abundance you already have. :)