Are you listening?

Life has its own flow. It has its own rhythm.
It is gentle and soothing. It is loving and powerful.

Life flows through you and seeks to express itself through you. It is communicating with you and guiding you at all times. But are you listening?

What’s going on outside seems so important that we neglect the universe of worlds within us. We try to fight circumstances with rage and rebuttals while it is the world within us that needs a change in perspective.  And how often do we forget that?

This day is a new day for you. Do not waste it on the past and neither on the future. What matters the most is the now – how you respond to a given situation, how you communicate with your inner self to create realities in the now.

Allow life to guide you. It will direct you to your highest joy and bring you closer to your purpose. It will reconnect you with your passions and help you express yourself as your true self. Heed the voice inside of you. Try to listen to what it says – it is trying to wake you up. It is trying to show you the Truth of things beyond all fear and doubt.

That is the life that flows through you. The Source in all things that keep you alive.
If you are alive and breathing you are here for a purpose, you are here by design.

Fear not, go forth to express your truth in great deeds. The Universe has got your back. It is there with you at all times. It is trying to communicate with you at all times. All you have to do is be still and listen.

The answers you seek never come when the mind is busy,
they come when the mind is still. Are you listening?

Let Life flow through you with grace.
Let it nourish you with love, let it nurture your mind with good thoughts.
Let it show you the path to your purpose.
Let it build your faith and express itself through you in great deeds.

You are capable of wonders.
Why would you dwell in fear and mediocrity?

Your shot at greatness awaits you.
Just be still and allow your inner voice to surface – it will guide you to your destiny.
It will show the path and also grant you the courage to tread on it.
It will give you the strength to endure the seasons of growth.
It will push you to go further and reach higher.
It will go before you and open doors for you that you could not have done on your own.

Just trust it.
If you are alive and well, you are here for a reason.
Let Life direct to you to your destiny!

Are you listening?