The Unreality

They say life is a playground.
It a dense dimension where we can play with physical things.
That our souls observe and direct our lives to have varied experiences.

That is it meant for our own growth.
That it is where we haven chosen to be.
That we play the game of life to mature and grow from within.

But if we are a part of God already, why do we need to grow and mature or have to experience anything at all?


The same reason you will play the same game again and again so that you can experience the triumphant feeling of victory.

Why do we play again and again?
Because we enjoy it. We don’t have to win or lose. What matters is how much fun we have playing. Yes, granted winning feels better, but we play for the joy of the game first, don’t we?

The fear, anxieties, the risks, the thrills, the joys, the sorrow, the pain and the delight are all a part of it. It feels real, but you know it is not. It is just a game and yet we blend ourselves in it.

Have you been in a dream and believed it was real?
It is kind of like the same concept.

It is not quite real.
Life is just a playground.

You choose your own game.
You choose all the characters you will play along.
And they agree to play together with you.

If they don’t – you’d probably be born as an isolated sheep herder in Iceland.
You can create things in your reality.
Great things. And even terrible things.

But what matters to you is the experience.
You want to feel the fears, the anxieties, the doubts. You want to feel the wonders, the victories, the breakthroughs. It is what you are here for. For the journey of your purpose.

And your soul knows.
That is why it speaks to you, pushes you, directs you, and leads you to your higher purpose. It is the voice inside you that wants you to excel in your game of life, and reach the highest level.

But perhaps the most important detail about the game of life is that – you get to make your own rules. There is no right or wrong. And as you believe, so it is done unto you.

So, you are here to play your part, experience the highs and the lows on the path of your purpose, and become greater by growth.

And what’s the point of all this?

So that, in the end, you can experience yourself.
So that you can know what it feels like to be God.
So that you can know what it feels like to experience the Allness.
So that you can experience the Truth in all things – so that you can experience the light.

In a Universe without mirrors – where you are everything and everything is you, it is like experiencing your own self from a point other than you. It is like seeing the color of your eyes with your own eyes. Like experiencing yourself through yourself.