Out of darkness

And there it was.
The lesson that I needed most.

I was always this guy trying to figure out my life, always trying to get a grip of certainty.
I was filled with anxiety about the future, was worried about all the things that I must do now to get to where I want to be. I was always trying to control my life with brute force.

Then one day I discovered the flow of life. I realized that life has its own flow. You can either choose to struggle hard to stay afloat, or you can simply choose to let go.

And that changed everything for me.

The cause of all our sorrows and anxieties root from fear. It is there because we give too many fucks. It is there because we try to be somebody who we are not – because we think we’ll find completion or at least some approval from others.

Stop struggling so much. Let go and float.
Let life flow through you in its fullness.

And yes, there will be days when you feel like there’s no way out.
But believe it or not, there’s always – ALWAYS – a way in.

You may not see a way with your limited mind, but a mind greater than yours sees it all. It sees all the doors, the paths, right in front of you, and yet you see it not. You fail to notice them mostly because you spend your time worrying about your future and cursing your present.

Shift your energy.
Shift your thinking.
Take a deep breath and give thanks for where you are now.
You don’t need to have your entire life figured out today.
It’s okay. Let go and you will learn to stay afloat.

Open your heart and thank God, the Universe, or whatever power you believe in for the fact that you have come so far. And give thanks for about everything else – even the things which you haven’t received yet.

Give thanks that you are alive and well.
Give thanks for all your friends and family.
Give thanks for all the good things in your life that you take for granted.

The prize is beyond the fears, beyond the doubts, and the worries.
The prize comes with joy and laughter, well-wishing and generosity!
The prize comes with gratitude, appreciation, and love.

It is not in the future.
It is here now.

And it is that which decides the future.

I urge you to take a deep breath and give thanks from deep within your heart.
Give thanks as much as you can, as deeply as you can.
Even if it makes you feel good for a second, it is worth it.
And if you feel good indeed do it often, as often as you can.

No, nothing will change on the outside.
But everything will change on the inside.
You will change your perspective, you will begin to notice things in a better light, you will begin to see new paths and opportunities. You will have no fear. You will be set free.

The change within – that is where all the magic happens.
Where universes are made and broken, where is light is forged out of darkness.