Mind your emotions

Every emotion we experience is either good or bad.
Every emotion either comes from love or fear.

It is normal to fear. Fear is what separates us from godliness.
It is natural to fear. It comes at every stage of life.
Yet it will always be up to you and how you respond to your fears, that will make all the difference. Whether you give in to our fears or whether you overcome them with love.

We are born as humans so that we may know what it is like to experience love, what it is like to believe and shape our own circumstances, what it is like to experience the infinite powers hidden within us.

And all of our powers surface with the simplest expression of love.

Radiate love, and be the best you can be every day in faith that you are taken care of. Drop your ego; be creative, playful, and fun and you will be surprised how all things fall into place for your highest good.

Don’t let your fears unsettle your mind.
Guard your emotions with all your might.

There is a stream of energy, the life force, flowing through you.
It becomes blocked when you experience emotions of doubt, fear or worry.
But it flows in its fullness when you experience the emotions of love, joy, and abundance – which opens the doors to great opportunities, miraculous healings, and unexpected favors.

Radiate out love as much as you can, as often as you can and allow this pure positive stream of life to flow through you in all its fullness.

Mind your emotions.
Let not your fears sway your emotions or unsettle your mind.

Remember, it is the feelings of love, gratitude, joy, and abundance which open the doors to great opportunities, miraculous healings, and unexpected favors; and not your doubts, fears, and worries.