Far off lands

I travelled to far off lands
Searching to find the distance.
Have walked on ice, treaded on cliffs,
Have suffered, have been bruised.
But the further I went, farther was the I.

I travelled to far off lands in hope
Wanting to see, know many people.
I yearned for the wonders and the truth,
Always, looking out into the world,
as the moments passed away.

I came back home with my memories,
And a little disappointment too.
Of all the things I had gathered,
And all the things I was, for certain I knew,
From all of what I saw, from all of what I did endure.

I came back home tired of the journey,
Dropped my baggage in despair.
But lighter that I felt, released and content,
Headed for my lovely bed.
And of all the distance travelled
At nothing, I found myself again.