Small wins

I have something important to tell you.
It’s about you. If you have the patience to read this even after going through shit for so long, hold on for a bit longer.

There is a Universal force out there, that flows within us, and with and through us. It is sensitive to our thoughts and emotions to the highest degree. This life force within us seeks to express itself through us. It is ever whispering to us, giving us hope, showing us visions, leading us to a better life, helping us grow. This life force is within you! It is gentle and it is delicate, yet it is powerful beyond measure.

Do you even understand this? This thing that you call life, the soul, the Self, the thing that keeps your heart beating is within you. You are not the body, neither the mind, you are the pure soul residing in a body and functioning with a mind. It’s urge to express more life is ever directing you, ever pushing you towards your highest self. Are you paying attention?

Stop resisting. Be still and listen to the whispers. Your greatness awaits you. Your soul knows that nothing is impossible. But your mind has you fooled, it shows you that limitations are real. If you’d only show some faith you’d know the truth. And all things will become possible.

Set a goal, anything at all. And go ahead with full force and make it happen. It doesn’t have to be a big goal. It can small and simple. Go for a small win. And do it again and again. Because in the end, the big win is only all of these small wins put together.

Go forth. The life force is within you. It will help you along. Make a decision. Focus on a goal, and make it happen amidst a thousand distractions. If you are indeed tired of playing small, this is your chance to right all the wrongs. Start now.

Small wins.