What of fear?

Fear will kill you if you let it.
Fear can eat you from the inside.
Fear or faith, you have two paths.
What does in your heart reside?

You have been through pain.
You have seen the deepest of depths.
You say faith cannot be a choice.
So of your joy, you let fear commit thefts.

Remember, all reality is but a projection.
An idea of sorts, a keen expectation.
Whether you live it with faith or not,
Is, in the end, your conscious decision.

What do you have to lose?
Why do you have to fear?
It will never leave as long as you are scared.
So face them now, now dare.

For the life is on the other side, yes,
The joy, lightness, love, and good cheer.
All you need is a little courage to charge,
And you’d see the fear you feared, was never there.