Almost like magic

What is it that stops us from living our lives to the full?
What stops us from taking the risks?
What stops us from chasing our dreams, or from making a career change?
Why do so many of us feel powerless?

Don’t let fear stop you.
You are endowed with power beyond your grasp.
All you must do now is to take out the time to become conscious of your power.

There is a mind which is at all times under your influence, but working in the background as your subconscious. Whatever visions you feed your conscious mind gets passed on to the subconscious mind where it accepts your vision as truth and creates like thought patterns and mental models for you to act from. And based on these mental models it directs you, guides you, gives you the hunches, and shows you the way.

If you suggest to your mind a particular vision, it will accept this fact without judgment and it will do all it can do to make this vision a reality. It will direct you to take actions and influence your day-to-day decisions based on this new mental model which will eventually bring you in the way of opportunity – and all of a sudden you will begin to find yourself at the right place, at the right time. Almost like magic!

This mental power is real. Whatever you put in your mind, whether they be real or imaginary, has a lot of influence on your subconscious mind. And which in turn has a lot of influence on your actions and as a whole on the way you live your life.

So think, imagine, and believe in the good things. Fill your mind with hope and optimism. Whatever you can imagine, if you can make your mind believe it, is possible. Dream great dreams and have no doubt that it is possible. Because life is a fantastic trip, and living it as your wildest fantasy is worth the shot.

Stop complaining, take possession of your mind to make magic happen.
When you begin to see life as a blessing, it begins to feel like one.