Life has got you

Life has got you. It wants the best for you.
It directs you to great possibilities that you might have not even imagined.
Learn to trust it. It will great wonders for you!

Let life flow through you. Allow it to draw out your destiny.
Don’t push against circumstances. Let life bring you to peace.

It’s okay to ask for things and chase after dreams. But when you ask for things and also think that you know exactly what you need to do to get what you want, that is when you lose your ability to receive direction from elsewhere. You not only seek things but you also make plans out of your present knowledge and limited imagination and restrict life to happen exactly how you expect it to. And if your plans fail you cannot conceive how your dreams may be fulfilled and soon after a point, you just choose to give up.  Life seems like a struggle and all good things seem out of reach.

You need only to ask of life what you want, not tell life how to get it for you. There is a power in the Universe, a mind which pervades all minds, an all-pervading intelligence which knows all there is to know. And upon the influence and direction of this intelligence, great geniuses have uncovered numerous truths of the Universe.

Allow the Universe to draw up the plan for reaching your dreams. It can make ways where you see none. It can show you paths and doorways where you thought none existed. Keep your eyes and ears open. It is communicating with you all the time. Get hold of the gut feeling, listen to your heart. And dare to trust it, trust the hunches, trust your intuition. There is no struggle when you allow the Universe to come into your life, it all seems to happen effortlessly. Every good thing is brought right at your doorstep, so to speak, and all ideas take fruit at their own pace but with absolute certainty.

Ask, but let life guide you. Trust it.
Life has got you.

(let go of the illusion of control)