Overriding sensual stimuli

The world you see outside is not real. It is a projection from within.
All that is happening in your reality is a result of your own projections upon events.

You cannot possibly see the truth of things around you.
You just try to construct a plausible story that complies with your past experiences and accept your judgment about how things are without looking any deeper. You blame this person, or that thing, or that cause – but trust me, as soon as you realize the fact that all things are just own creation, you will be freed from all such prejudices.

The judgments you hold in your mind about others (which are often incorrect or deduced from incomplete observation), the judgments you hold about how the world should work, the expectations you may have of life – all of this will collapse once you come face to face with the truth of your own ability, with the power and influence you hold to shape your own life and circumstances.

Let there be no unpleasant thought in your mind, and your life shall be blissful. Let there be no thought of hatred, or fear, or doubt or worry. I know it’s easy to just suggest what you should in life but I must confess that I have seen in practice that it is indeed not practical to do this in our day to day lives. We have to face a lot of stress at work, at home, driving through the traffic, making business deals, talking to clients, dealing with trolls online, etc etc. But having said that, I must also confess that I learned that it is not really what happens to us that matters, what matters is how we respond to any given situation of the day. If we choose to act out of love, compassion, forgiveness, and understanding, our bliss won’t be far from us.

It is in only because we entangle ourselves so much with what’s going on around us, that we forget the cause of all our suffering only comes from the judgments, expectations, and mental models we hold in our own mind. We forget that reality outside is only a projection of our own minds. And to change what we encounter the world around us and how we perceive it, what must change is one’s own thoughts and beliefs.

Every action that you take, every word that you speak, every choice that you make, comes from a place of fear or from a place of love. It is coming from the mental framework you have been holding. Try to see the deeper truth in events, try to recognize the events as effects from a certain cause set by you.

One thing, I must assert here is that you have total and complete control of your thoughts and emotions. There is just no excuse for it. You have the complete power over what you think, and exactly how you feel. Don’t be misled by current circumstances to launch your thoughts and emotions as reflex reactions to external stimuli. Observe, pause, and create as you please. No one in the world can make you feel anything you do not want to feel. Learn to see the deeper truth in everything.

It is all a projection of what is inside you. If you were a fearless and all-encompassing being, all your negativity, your petty worries, and doubts, and judgments wouldn’t stand a chance. You wouldn’t even care about the world. You will walk with a different gait. Your eyes will see the world in a different shade. The joys of life would be eternally yours, and your soul would be complete.

The world you see outside is not real. It is a projection from within.
All that is happening in your reality is a result of your own projections upon events.


“For the man whose inner power of vision transcends the constantly distracting stimuli of the outer world, has taken charge of his own life, is truly the master of his fate.”

“The man who lives isolated from the roots of his being has cut himself off from the source of all power and seems to dwell alone and without resource in a hostile and threatening world. Let him once perceive the true nature of life and his relationship to it, and he soon sees that the world always reflects this own thoughts and making.”

(quote citation needed)