Play all in

Take charge of your state.
Don’t let external circumstances influence your thoughts and emotions.

This needs to be repeated time and again so that you get in deep in your mind. The external circumstances are effects of your own consciousness. If you must change your external circumstances, you must only change your thinking, you must only bring ideal conditions into your consciousness.

Sometimes, our thoughts and emotions are too erratic to even attempt to bring them under control. But we surely can do it with practice. Whenever you feel to agitated it is essential to allow your mind to settle. I repeat you must simply allow your mind to settle. There is no effort, just allowing.

Take five deep breaths – doesn’t matter where you are, just take five deep breaths and let your thoughts settle in the present moment. Regardless of what’s going on around you, regardless of what has happened or what is about to happen – just look to this moment and cherish it.

You may have gone through great failure in the past, or you may feel lost and anxious about the future, but you cannot deny the fact that either way what creates the future is how you perceive this present moment and direct your actions thereof.

If your actions are rooted in poise and calm, they will create similar circumstances rooted in calm and poise in your future. Likewise, if your actions are rooted in fear they will only bring about like situations.

Be not hasty. Allow yourself to settle.
The journey may seem long and uncertain, but with the right tools and wisdom, you can make this journey a glorious one.

Imma let you in on a secret: none of this truly matters. What truly matters is the person you become by the end of the journey. Don’t be afraid of the goings on of life – they may seem scary and monstrous but don’t ever forget that you alone have the power over your destiny and can shape it the way you want.

Flood your consciousness with grand ideals of life, and simply allow the Universe to guide you through. Be in this moment, cherish the now, both in the highs and lows of life because at the end of the game it wouldn’t possibly matter how much you gathered or lost, but only that you played.