Life does not make any meaning to me anymore.
Something needs to change.

I do not know what but this surviving is not for me. There is nothing to look forward to.
There is nothing that I would want to do. I don’t want to live anymore.

But am I really living?

I think not. I am dead already.
I even don’t know what would make me come alive.
I don’t see it.


The more you keep saying Life is meaningless, the more meaningless it becomes.
Maybe you should change your stance on that.
Just maybe.

Life is good.
Life is meaningful.
Greatness is within reach.
There is not one more strand of sacrifice that you need to make.
You are great at being you.
And that should be enough.

If you disagree, maybe you don’t know who you are.
Maybe you don’t have a clue about your potential.

Man is brought to earth so that he may live. So that he may feel the things.
So that he may see the wonders, taste the delicacies, feel the fine clothes, listen to the great melodies, smell the fragrance of flowers, and be one with the Universe.

If your experience of life has become painful and meaningless, there is something you can do about it. You are not a tree. Try new things. Meet new people. Give in to spontaneity once in a while. Take walks, write poems, build things, express yourself.

Just take the first step. Make the effort.
And life will come out for you and aid you in your journey.

But you need to take the step forward first.

A thousand doors may you knock,
and none may open their doors for you.
Well, it is better they don’t.
You are too precious to one who is heartless.
But knock once more,
and you will find a heart waiting for eons only for you.

Give life another chance.
Allow it to show out in your life.
Good things are coming your way, be willing to receive ’em.

Ask for a meaning, and life will show you the way!