Fight back

Enough is enough.
That’s when shit starts to move forward.

When the pain is just too much to bear that is when you make the change, that is when comfort zones are broken, that is when leaps are made. Because how worse could it get?

Life is unfair. It is going to put you through you a lot.
But what makes the difference is whether you are going to accept it dealings or fight back. It’s your choice.

You will never feel like it. You will not.
Your comfort zone will keep you stagnant as long as you let it.
But the all suffering stops is the day you decide it to.
The day you know that enough is enough.

If life won’t let you have your way, you are not giving up without a fight. And that is when the change starts to take place. Your decision and your commitment towards change are the driving forces that make the Universe move on your behalf.

Don’t resist pain. Embrace its strength.

Lifeless we had lived in pain and without hope.
The pain slowly seeping through our skin, undetected.
But just when the pinch gets too hard to bear.
That is when we draw out our courage, and choose to fight back.
Long have we followed the rules.
Longer the ways of a promise made upon us.
It’s time to write a few on your own, come what may.
We shall have our say.
For it is the will of our souls.
To live, to strive, to grow, and to be who we choose.
And if life won’t join in our play,
We shall find or make a way.
It needs focus, that we shall provide.
It needs strength, that we shall exercise.
It needs sacrifice, how worse could it get.
It needs a heart of pain, our wounds will suffice.
Push through the illusions.
They may keep you entertained.
But they won’t bring you out of pain.
Strive for the fearless gamble.
Clasp your heart in your hands.
Embrace the fire and make it rain.