Like magic

What do you want?
What do you want from life?

Lots of money? Big house? All the fine clothes?
What exactly do you need to become enthusiastic about this life?

Write it down. Write down the vision of your best life.
When you have it all down I want you to imagine this life for a minute.
I want you to be immersed in this vision of yours (in imagination). I want you to see the things you’d want to see and feel the things you’d want to feel. I want you to forget your current reality and completely believe this daydream as if it were real.

Do this. Once. Twice. Or maybe a couple more times.
And see the world around you shift for good.
See things happen like never before. Like magic.

The world outside is simply a reflection of your inner self. And when you make yourself lively, joyful and beautiful, the world simply reflects the same. You are a victim of your own thoughts, beliefs, and judgments. Let go of them, and all things shall fall into place for your greatest good. Fears, insecurities, and doubts are unconsciously created by you. If you do not create them, they do not exist. And once you have your own doubts/limiting beliefs out of the way, there is simply nothing you cannot accomplish.

Purify your thoughts so that your actions may be true and fruitful. Allow fear to leave your heart and make peace with the circumstances – because, after all, they are subject to change, and more importantly because you are in control. Here’s the thing, your vision concentrated upon becomes a reality. Whatever you impress upon your mind over and over, you bring about in your circumstances. Impress health and well-being in your consciousness and so shall you have. So dwell in your dreams, think of them as often as you can, immerse yourself as much as you can – see it, feel it, believe it and take full enjoyment in the present, and watch the Universe draw it out in your reality.

Like magic.