Do the hoody hoo

Time is slipping by.
Are you paying attention?
Time is slipping by.
Are you taking action?

Life will pass by you before you’d know it.
It will go forward and leave you looking back on your days.
So make it count. Make today something worth your time.

Life is too short.
Not one day are you going get back from your past.
And not even this day that passes by.
So make it count. And do what makes you come alive.

Dare to dream.
Stop buying into judgments.
Stop walking the worn paths of mediocrity.
Stop compromising on all the things that matter to you.

You’ll be dead soon anyway, why not do the hoody hoo?
If it scares you, good.
If your heart beats faster taking a risk, excellent.
If you dare to take on a great challenge, even better.

Ask yourself, are you living at all?
Or are you going through compulsions?

Stop sleepwalking.
You are an ocean of potential, seeking a grand expression.
And here you are down and out, feeling powerless and broken.

Stand for yourself.
Stand for your dreams.
Take a stand with every thought, emotion, and action.
It is okay to get distracted but it is not okay to give up.

Fail a thousand times, but try again.
Make the ask. Do the chore.
Live your life with intensity, passion, and conviction.
All the good things are waiting for you.

And once you recognize what’s stopping you, you will never be the same.
Half your battles will be won, for you will have no fear.
No fear.
No fear of failure.
No fear of rejection.

So make the inquiry, seek your potential.
And stop accepting the judgments of others as commandments.
The Truth is simple. It will free your heart.

And all you must do is – act, to stretch out to realize your highest potential.
To dream more, and push yourself, even beyond your comfort zone.
For I delude you not, all good things are waiting for you.
What are you waiting for?

Dream. Fail. Stand. Live.

Are you paying attention?
Time is slipping by.