Feel the future in the present

“What you seek, is seeking you!”

You have to feel your future in the present.
The feeling state is what you are truly after, not the things themselves.
It is the feeling, the emotion, you seek not the things themselves.

You want to be successful because you want everyone to love and respect you. In other words, you want to feel loved and respected. You want to travel the world so that you can experience the wonders and feel amazed, bewildered, surprised.

The emotions are things we truly seek. We do what we do so that we may feel a certain way. Whatever your goals may be, in the end, it is only after having accomplished them that you expect to feel a certain way – which makes all the difference.

Think about it.

How’d it feel like to be accomplished, validated, respected, and loved?
Wouldn’t life be so much better?

Well, it can be so right now if you so choose.

Feel your desired objective as an already accomplished fact.
Imagine it vividly in your mind.
Make it as real as possible.
Feel it in the present.

Because that is what you are actually after – the feeling state.
All that you seek outside is here and now.
Feel it, believe it, and it will show up!

That’s all there is to it.

We are so hung up on the minutiae that we completely miss the fact that it is indeed possible to transmute any vision into a reality just by immersing ourselves in the feeling state of having already realized it.

Let the future come when it may.
But take full enjoyment of your ideal in the present.
Impress grand visions of your ideal on your conscious mind.
And by and by you will see your choices and actions reflect your visions.
Then inevitably your ideal life will develop right before you – waiting for you to step in!

You have to feel the future in the present.

Remember, it is the feeling state that you are truly after, not the things themselves. So be a little delusional and imagine them and live them right now in the present, and feel the emotions that you so long to experience – right now. Feel accomplished, validated, respected, and loved – and thus you shall attract more of them to yourself!

Live your best life – now!