See beyond the obvious

When you are struggling, be grateful.
When you are doubtful, be grateful.
When you are sad, be grateful.
When you are in pain, be grateful.

Be grateful that you are conscious to acknowledge how you feel.
Be grateful that you are alive, and have the power to change things.
These fleeting emotions do not define who you are anyway.

Yes, there will be days when things don’t go your way.
Well, it is not supposed to. If everything went your way – your spiritual growth would come to a standstill. If everything you wanted manifested right here and now, if every great fantasy you imagined came true right now, indeed you would be thrilled and excited but that will only be momentary, and the joy of achieving them will slip away as fast as it came. It is not the prize at the end that matters. It is the journey you go through that makes the prize worth so much. It is the hurdles in the path and how you overcome them that truly changes who you are – not the prize at the end.

The prize is you. The person you become at the end of your journey!
All the other gains are only a consolation, the true prize is you.

So when you are going through a lot, just remind yourself that you are doing your best, and so is everyone else. Everyone has their own struggles, their own insecurities, their own doubts, and fears. Everyone is growing a little every day. Don’t shy away from your challenges or condemn them, persist a little further and turn them into opportunities.

Life has got you. You are doing great.
Just keep going, one step ahead of the other and you will reach the purpose of your journey. It’s all good. Be grateful where you are. Be grateful for what you can. It will bring you the light to go forward.