Look to yourself

The circumstances that come to you are only drawn to you by your actions upon your environment – the people and events around you. And your actions correspond to all the fears, beliefs, limitations and doubts within you.

And challenging situations will keep showing up in your life until you learn from it; until you realize that you are the cause, and you alone have the absolute power to change it. If there is a situation in your life you would like to change, first look within yourself. It is more likely that you attract these circumstances by your own actions than by any random unrelated cause, whether consciously or unconsciously.

The fears you hold within you manifest in your actions, and as like actions will only produce like results, you manifest corresponding circumstances in your life.

You have to become aware of your power. You have to understand that there is no glory or good comfort in hiding in the shadow. Please stop holding onto fear, mediocrity, all that ass-kissing, or onto any threat, that you might fear in your life. You are at all times to remind yourself that you are indeed greater than all your problems and fears.

Trust yourself. Yes, you will make mistakes. But be out there. State you truths, and express yourself. If you don’t venture beyond your comfort, you will never make any gain. Say the truth even if your voice shakes. Be authentic and be bold.

It is your spirit, your attitude towards life and things, that draws people – and thus opportunities – to you. And it is your own thoughts and beliefs about yourself that determines your attitude towards all things in life.

So don’t blame this or that, don’t point to the other person for having done you wrong. You are the person who gave them the courage to do so. Your attitude, your hidden expectations, your unwillingness to fight back, your fears of being unloved, unaccepted, harmed and humiliated all seep into your attitude and action, and others find it easy to take advantage of that for their benefit. Even for circumstances which do not involve other people, your own thoughts and actions are the driving forces which prepare the soil upon which all your pain and misfortune take fruit.

So, on this day, stand firm and take responsibility for yourself, of your life and circumstances. And before looking out for causes in the external, look within and mend yourself – you will have come much further. The circumstances that come to you are only drawn to you by your own attitude and actions upon your environment. And you alone have the absolute power to hold yourself to all the great things you know you deserve.

“There is a power which never fails to present opportunity to the Advancing Man.”