Life has you

The pain, the suffering, needn’t be there if you would only dwell upon bliss.
The Universe is taking care of you. It will not leave your side.

All the pain and fear you harbor within you are just illusions and have no power to themselves in reality. It is only when you invest your emotions, and heart and soul into circumstances that you lose your footing on life. Your experience of life becomes unbearable and you seek escapes.

Things happen, I am not denying that. A lot of tragedies happen, I do agree. But the mark of wisdom in any individual, and thus the outcome of his/her fate is decided by his/her response to a circumstance, however catastrophic.

Life has you.
It is time you begin to trust it, little by little.
Don’t push and pull against circumstances. Learn to go with the flow of life. And you will see that life’s surprises will be greater than any grand dream you could have imagined.

Stop victimizing yourself. Enough of that.
Give off the good energy on to others. Make people feel loved and cherished when in your presence and smile a little more. Focus on being the most amazing person you can be. Live in high spirits, live, laugh and share!

What’s stopping you?

Before your future can resemble anything you dream of, you must first learn to live out your present to the full. It is because you worry about your future you also destroy your present.

The wise men have a funny way to make us understand the flow of life. That whatever is destined, whatever is preordained is bound to find expression on this earth plane, and there is nothing in your power to change it. It is already decided. There is no thought you can think that is not preordained. There is no action you can take that is not preordained. All things will happen naturally whether or not your plans include them. So stop trying to make things happen, and settle into bliss. All the fear, all the doubt, all of the expectations, there are just traps. Life is now! Life is today! Live it while you truly can.

Dwell in bliss. Life has you!
It’s time you learned to trust it.