At all times

This life is a glorious and wonderful opportunity.
And with every breath, you can experience this glory and wonder.

At any instant, if you so choose, you can drop all your doubts, all of your past and future and remain still in the feeling of the now. And when you do, you will find a peace so lasting and pure, a fullness so pleasantly overwhelming, that you would get a glimpse of the grounded inner peace already within you – available to you at any time. So why fear?

The greater our ego the greater is the fear, the greater our need to control the more attached we are. The baggage you carry with you is not worth it. Let go of what has gone by, and pray not dread the future, the powers of your creation far outweigh any of them.

Be still. Take a deep breath. Observe your feeling state.
The energy you put out into the Universe is the one you are going to attract. So do not waste your present feeling bad about the past or anxious about the future, for you are only going to attract what you put out.

Live in high spirits. See the wonders of this world, this body that you are gifted with, the people in your life, the stories that make you who you are. There is nothing you are required to do in life. Do what you like, spread some smiles, make others lives better. For eternal love is always with you. The air you breathe, the blue skies you see, the grass you walk upon, all are quietly loving you back. This earth and all its entities are alive – and they stem from the same source as you do.

You are a unique drop of the Universal Consciousness, timeless, limitless, endless.
And your powers beyond your human comprehension.

Be still. Take a deep breath. Observe your feeling state.
Your inner peace awaits you. It is there with you at all times.