The good things

It’s like I have forgotten all the good things in life that makes me question the futility of this magnificent life probably because I have been focussing too much on all the sorry things of life instead of the good, the worthy, the life-giving. And since our life becomes what we focus on, I just realized that I have been making mental thought patterns based on the belief that life was meaningless. And as my thought patterns reflect on my actions, that is what I have been constructing in my future lately. Hmm. Sad.

So, today’s rant is going to be about all the good things in life.
So, can you imagine a better life for you?
If you can imagine it, know that you can also have it.

If you can imagine lasting peace, happiness, fulfillment and joy.
You can have it too.

What is the idea of your perfect life?
The thing to acknowledge first is that I can never know what I need in my life.
I can only know what I want, and often may be the exact opposite of what I need.

But I have little by little began to trust life. I have little by little began to notice my destructive thought patterns, and have been trying to replace them with all the good things in life. I hope this trip is worthwhile.

Now, coming back to the idea of my perfect life, I think I would like to travel the world, the pyramids, the temple of Abu Simbel, Paris, Iceland (watch the Northern Lights), Antarctica (play with the penguins), Bali (run barefoot on the white beaches, go fishing, laugh hard, get massages, relax, sip on tropical juice while watching the sunset). To have great experiences, to read good books, to wear good clothes, to eat good food from all around the world, to be a part of the great festivals of all people and to simply celebrate life. So that at the end of my time I can proudly say that I had a great time.

There is so much good food out there that I haven’t tasted yet.
There is music that I haven’t heard yet, sights I haven’t seen yet.
I want to fill my soul with all the creation of the Universe and feel fulfilled with its grand, all-encompassing, limitless beauty.

I do not want to sleepwalk anymore. I want to live. I want to truly live.
I want to live my life. In its fullness!

And feel love, for this precious gift.
And more importantly, even more than knowing, I want to experience the truth.
The bliss of eternal harmony, of radiant ecstasy.

Let life fill me. :)