You must be obsessed

You must be obsessed.

If you kinda want it, you will kinda get it.
If you absolutely definitely want it, you will absolutely definitely get it.

What’s stopping you?
What excuses do you have for today?

No excuse is good enough.
I know you might be feeling overwhelmed. You might be feeling powerless, or helpless. But you must know that there is always a way out. You have to be committed. You can’t let your dreams take second place to anything else.

Just look at all the other things you say ‘yes’ to while suspending your dreams further into the future. You have to be ruthless in your discipline. You have to build great habits and become their slave. You must be obsessed.

Greatness takes a lot of sacrifices. But it is worth a billion times over.
Give entirely of yourself to this day, so that you may have a glimpse of greatness tomorrow. Work harder, cut out the distractions, grind like your life depends on it. And you will succeed.

You must be obsessed.

Set your goals. Believe in them, and make it happen.
It is only by your actions, your striving, towards your aim, that you call forth the favour of fortune. Nothing is too big. Nothing is too mythic to achieve. All things are possible, now that you have come so far.

Wouldn’t you agree?

The miracles you seek cannot take place unless you believe they are possible.
And to believe they are possible you must be steady in your commitment to your dreams. It is by putting in the work that you show your commitment, that you display your faith which will call in the aid of serendipity.

What you’ve dreamed of is out there. It is waiting for you.
So choose your priorities, be obsessed, make it happen!